[Beyond Sunday] Living Distracted

The tragedy is that we are indeed caught in a web of false expectations and contrived needs. Our occupations and preoccupations fill our external and internal lives to the brim. They prevent the Spirit of God from breathing freely in us and thus renewing our lives.

Nouwen, Henri J. M.. Making All Things New (Kindle Locations 109-111). HarperCollins. Kindle Edition.

The modern era brought a host of solutions and devices to not only make work easier but also give us more to do in our free time than ever.  So why are rates of depression, anxiety, and dissatisfaction on the rise?  Why are mental health issues among children and teens skyrocketing? Being busy does not lead to happiness.  But focusing on meaningful work does.  Rest, and quiet do.  God did not intend for us to live our lives distracted  [hear sermon audio]

This week, take some time to go deeper.  Use these scriptures and questions to reflect how you are seeking happiness through Christ.

Texts to read:

Questions to ponder:

  • When are you in silence? (not even background noise)
  • How do you respond to being still?
  • What is your favorite distraction?  Does it always make you happy?

Do and share:

  • Notice the moments you are tempted to fill up.  Make a note every time you reach for your phone, or social media or other distraction.  At the end of the week tally how much time you spend on these things.
  • Make a list of your questions about happiness.  Share one on the Resolution: Happiness Event on our Facebook or tweet @dpumc with #happiness2018


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