3 Ways to Aid Children and Families in Detention

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As the crisis created by the DoJ’s “zero-tolerance” enforcement unfolds, many people are looking for practical ways they can help.  There are several good articles floating around the internet, but here are 3 things that captured my attention:

1. Lend Your Voice

Perhaps the single most important contribution you can make to a lasting solution is to call your Senators, Representatives, and the Department of Justice to demand an end to inhumane conditions and family separation.   You can support immigration enforcement and still demand better conditions for those detained.  The ACLU has made it easy.

2. Support Legal Services for Parents and Children

The Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services provides legal services and representation for those in the asylum and immigration system.  Because migrants are not citizens they have no guarantee of legal representation.  You can financially contribute to their support and reunification fight by donating through Facebook or the RAICES website.

3. Send Needed Items

The United Methodist Committee on Relief has partnered with other organizations to provided toiletries and other items needed by children and adults seeking asylum and facing detention and deportation.  Items can be purchased through an Amazon registry and are shipped directly.

As I write this, we are awaiting a press conference on a possible Executive Order.  Whatever the content of that order, these forms of assistance will be important and helpful.

**Update: Text of Executive Order

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