Hero Central: Heros have Courage[Beyond Sunday]

Heros have the courage to do what’s right. They are not controlled by others opinions, but stand up for themselves and those who need them.  [hear sermon audio]

Devotion time is crucial to your growth in faith.  Here are some resources for yours this week:


Jesus Welcomes the children Matthew 19:13-15

Peter defends the gentile church Acts 11:1-18


  • Where do I let fear of other’s disapproval govern my actions?


  • Make a new friend: As you go through your week, look for an opportunity to start a conversation with someone you don’t know. Be brave like Abigail and learn the story of someone who’s different than you.


  • Share a picture of someone you think has the heart of a hero to our Facebook group or on Twitter and Instagram (tag us @dpumc).


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