Called to Rise [Beyond Sunday]

In Acts 11, Peter is called to step out of his comfort zone to meet a need. The Holy Spirit pushes him to move beyond previous restrictions to expand the Kingdom of God.

Trace the movement of the Spirit through the New Testament. Are there  other people who were held outside the Jewish community and later welcomed into the Church?

Can you recall a time when God used something you’d planned in an unexpected way?

Who might be the Gentiles, those who need the gospel but are outside our comfort zone, in our community?

What might our church need to do to welcome them?

Small steps:

  • Start a conversation with a stranger
  • Invite someone to worship or Sunday School
  • Ask someone of a different age, race, income level what they need from God

Long Strides:

  • Begin learning a new language
  • Volunteer to teach or serve people of a different age or with different needs
  • Suggest to leaders ways we might reach people in our community 

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