Called to Give [Beyond Sunday]

Francis of Assisi was born to wealth and privilege. Yet he wrestled with how to use what he had for others and what so much luxury did to his soul. Eventually, he turned his back on riches and chose a life of intentional poverty and service. His witness has influenced generations. Though we may not be called to a life of aestheticism, we can learn from Francis the truth that giving to God is as much about our own spiritual needs as it is about the needs of others or God’s requirement.

Can you recall a time when you gave something away only to receive an unexpected return?

Paul asks the Corinthians to contribute to the life of the Church by saying “that you might have the blessing of giving…” Do you view giving as a blessing or a duty?

Small steps:

  • Journal about the stories of your life that have shaped how you veiw giving.
  • Make a list of all the groups and causes to which you contribute and select one place to increase your donation.

Long Strides:

  • Review your budget. Find at least one item you could reduce or eliminate and give away that money.
  • Eliminate one thing from your calendar and use the time to volunteer. 

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