Practicing Sabbath

Life is intended to have a rhythm. Scripture call us to keep a holy rhythm or work and rest. In order to be our best, pastors are encouraged to keep a rhythm of work and rest. In addition to sabbath days off and continuing education, every four years we are offered time away for spiritual renewal. I will be taking that time over the next four weeks.

The work of being your pastor is both rewarding and challenging. Together we have weathered several crises over the last four years.  We have endured a hurricane, an industrial accident, and both public and private staff struggles.  The timing is not as strange as it might seem. The church is in good hands. We have an incredibly talented Associate Pastor who will be leaving in July for seminary.  The rest is deeply needed and now, is the best moment to take it, before diving into the challenges of post-Covid ministry.

Over this time I will focus on seven crucial types of rest: physical, mental, sensory, creative, emotional, social, and spiritual.  During the first week, I will take care of some family business, begin a reading plan, and establish routines for the leave.  During the second week, I will take part in an online retreat focused on sustainable ministry.  In the third week, I will continue reading and cementing routines.  The fourth week will be dedicated to translating learnings to future action.

I am deeply grateful for the support of our staff and SPRC. I also hope you appreciate the four guest preachers who will grace our worship beginning on the 24th. I covet your prayers while away and look forward to returning to practice Lent with you.

Grace and peace,

Pastor Kate

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