Welcome friends!  I am an Elder in the United Methodist Church who is passionate about empowering local churches to transform their communities.   After graduating from Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary with an MDiv, I came to serve in the Texas Annual Conference.  In addition to pastoring in a church in Deer Park, Texas, I work with churches across the conference who are seeking revitalization and new direction through the Vibrant Church Initiative.

You have found your way to my scribblings on discipleship and leadership.  Here you will find devotions, sermon clippings, pastoral letters, and other assorted thoughts and reflections.  The most significant categories can be accessed through the menu at the top.  These include:

  • Beyond Sunday: These are follow up materials related to sermons I preach.  If you would like to hear the audio for the sermon, it is generally posted by Tuesday on my church’s website.
  • Open Source Liturgy: Prayers, readings, and sermons series crafted by myself, my team, or posted with permission.  You are free to use and adapt these with attribution.  Pictures or stories of how they worked for you are always appreciated.
  • Faith and Art:  For more than two thousand years artists across the world have produced moving works based on Biblical texts and the stories of the Christian faith.  I use many of these in preaching but often can’t delve fully into them so the extra reflections end up here.
  • Leading: Reflections on leadership, change, and being a pastor.